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The Leatherhead Theatre Schools Programme.

Creativity required! We are thinking about the content for our programme over the next two years and how to ensure it is relevant to our guests. What would you like? What do you hope the Theatre will be used for? There would be nothing so disappointing as to design a programme for schools which schools truthfully didn't want to see. This is why we are asking for your involvement, so that the local educators and students can be part of shaping the programme.

Stage those Key Stages! We should like to include productions which might support your teaching and learning at each Key Stage, through drama, musical or movie. The building itself could also be a useful support, as there are large and small rentable spaces for rehearsal, performance, seminar or art exhibition, with coffee shop and bar at your disposal (by agreement). The Auditorium is amazing acoustically and atmospherically, with a good size stage and 500 seats.

If you are interested to discuss, please send an email to schools@the-theatre.org or call me on 01372 365122, mobile 07939053315. Have car, will travel to staffroom/drama room!

Thank you and I look forward to enabling your enjoyable experience at the Leatherhead Theatre.

Mrs. Lesley Ormiston.

(BA Hons Music, PGCE.)



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