Geared for Communication:

512 seat auditorium with full lighting, sound, recording and projection systems.

Conference room - capacity 40 for formal meetings

Studio theatre - capacity 80 for less formal and experimental activities.

Breakout spaces for 6-20

Full catering service


Licensed Bar

Accessible location, 5 minutes from M25 junction 9.

Town Centre Location

A wonderful place to do:

Seminars and Presentations


Corporate Training

Product Launches

AGM & Shareholder Events

Flotation Roadshows

Press & PR Events


Geared for Business:

Few opportunities arise to hold important business events in places that were designed for communication.

A raked theatre auditorium uniquely provides space for large numbers of people and also makes the audience feel close to action. Try seating and engaging 500 people in a flat hotel conference suite!

Modern business presentations, seminars and training events require varieties of spaces. Main gathering areas must be complemented by smaller, more intimate spaces for real interaction and involvement.

The Leatherhead Theatre provides both, with full technology support, plus the people with the skill and experience to add those special touches which can bring your event to life.


Click here for details of our Conferencing venues and equipment

Click here for details of business and community pricing

Geared for Creativity:

You want to engage your people, to persuade, to motivate, to inspire. We have geared the Theatre to provide both the facilities and the atmosphere that foster creativity.

We can help with the stagecraft needed to get ideas across and to create lasting impressions.

We can look after your people with an imaginative and high quality hospitality service.

The Theatre provides a unique mix of intimacy and space which enables a wide variety of activities.

Much of the front of house is shared with a working art gallery, which adds colour and life to the atmosphere (Creativity is contagious, if we let it be).

With the flexibility of the large reception areas, (nearly 5,000 sq. ft on two main floors), we can provide space for displays and demonstration areas suitable for many purposes.

To discuss your use of The Theatre, please email or call Mike Hibberd on 01372 365128

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