Pioneer People is a church of Christians who have met together for around thirty years in the communities of Cobham, Weybridge, Esher and Leatherhead. Over the last decade, we felt it was time to look for a more permanent home to facilitate our involvement in both local community work and international projects, as well as containing a venue large enough for church worship meetings for Pioneer People and its visitors.

When the opportunity arose to take on the lease for the disused building housing what was known as The Thorndike Theatre, it seemed to be the right place and the right time for such a venture.

So came the rebirth of the building, The Theatre, as it is now known.

We are developing useful and creative ways of bringing the Theatre into its rightful place in community life, covering visual and performing arts, education and leisure. It would give us no greater pleasure than to see the Theatre in full use, bursting with activity and enriching people’s lives.

The Theatre is also of course the home of our church, so most Sundays see our regular church worship meetings, to which we warmly welcome visitors. The Theatre is set to come alive with activities serving all age groups from pre-schoolers to young adults, as it swings into full use.

Pioneer People want to see the Theatre used to interest and inspire, so we welcome ideas from and dialogue with people and businesses in the locality. If you would like to discuss use of the Theatre, or are interested to support our work relative to The Theatre, please contact our Operations Manager, Mike Hibberd on 01372 365128.

To find out more about Pioneer People and our activities please visit our website:


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